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The visa gift card is found to be a prepaid gift card which is mostly welcomed at millions of people where the visa debit cards are accepted including the online businesses and retail stores. While using these visa gift card you should follow the activation instruction in order to activate the card for usage, some of the cards must be activated before it is being used. For make your card completely activated you should first sign in the specified area on the back of the card before making your first purchase where this prevents the card to be used by third party or unknown users. This prepaid visa gift card is non reloadable one so additional money cannot be added to the balance of the card, if your gift card is a valid one only in the United States where it will not be accepted at locations outside the US.

It is very much important to know the reminder balance of your gift card before making the purchase as many of the retailers will not be providing you those kinds of information so, it is necessary that you need to check visa gift card balance on your visa gift card at any time.  When you are making the phone or online purchase then you must first register you prepaid visa gift card on online either by making the call to the issuing provider or you may also directly visit to their official website to make it register.

How to check the balance of your prepaid visa gift card

When you own a prepaid visa gift card then it is very much necessary to check the balance of your visa gift card is found to be an essential one. This is a convenient way to pay for your gift purchases but once if the fund in your gift card is less that the total of your purchases made then your gift card will be surely declined where you cannot pay the amount for purchased items. The following are the couple of ways to check visa gift card balance. They are.

Some handy tips while using the visa gift card


  • First you need to call your visa gift card provider in which the contact number will be usually included in the papers with the card and they will just ask you the pin details where by providing this you can check your balance of your gift card.
  • Another option is by doing a manual check here you need to collect the receipts from the shopping transactions by using your card then you need to calculate the amount that you have purchased for.

In general some people fail to check why their cards were been declines because once if your card amount is low you cannot make the further purchases. In order to make the unlimited purchases happily just ensure that you check visa gift card balance of your visa gift card frequently after making the purchase of the gift items by using any of the above methods.